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As a child, Rouge had an immediate attraction towards forms and figures, fascinated by how they shaped the world around her. Her mother quickly became aware of this instinctive curiosity, encouraging her natural abilities by enrolling her in art classes from a very young age.

Having spent the majority of her life immersed in visual artistry, her attention to detail and accuracy became increasingly refined. Her talent in the field of anatomy and facial structure led to portrait and illustration opportunities beginning in her early teens. Realism has always been her passion, and cosmetic tattooing was a natural progression. Rouge honors the power and potential that this type of work can have. She has the utmost respect for the trust that is instilled in her by each of her clients.

Her intention is to provide services of the highest quality, to adorn your features and make you feel your very best. She looks forward to the opportunity to brighten and enhance your natural beauty. You are the ultimate canvas.

Rouge Ink - About Rouge