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We discuss what you’d like to achieve.
Feel free to bring references!



Together, we’ll create a design unique to your coloration and proportions.



Once you’re satisfied with your design, we’ll proceed to make magic.

In our initial appointment, we will be focused on the design, structure and balance of your tattoo.
At our touch-up session, we will assess how the skin has healed, creating any necessary refinements to the shape and/or density.
Touch-up appointments are recommended for ideal results.



  • 400 + 100 touch-up

    Also known as “microblading”, “3D brows” or “hair stroke brows”, this is the perfect option for those seeking a natural and realistic look. Through the use of a hand tool and very fine line work, we'll mimic hair strokes that best match your hair and complexion.


  • 400 + 100 touch-up

    This is a fantastic option for those seeking bolder, more prominent and defined brows. Essentially, this technique mimics a “powdered” makeup application. Clients with pre-existing tattoos often opt for this technique, as it is more effective in blending/camoflauging.

  • EYELINER • $400 + $100 touch-up

  • Using a very fine needle, we can create smudge-proof, effortless eyeliner for everyday wear. This can be crisp and smooth, like a liquid liner, or we can create a more subtle look by blending softer strokes along the lash roots. This technique creates the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.
  • COMBO BROWS • $550

  • 425 + 125 touch-up

    A combination of the Feather Stroke and Powder Fill techniques. We will add hair strokes in the front (heads) of the brows, and gradually shade them towards the tails.

  • FULL LIPS • $550

  • 425 + 125 touch-up

    This procedure is a great option for fuller, brighter and more pronounced lips. Thin lips, asymmetrical lips, or scarred lips can be corrected with this procedure.

  • REFRESHER • $240

  • This procedure is one appointment only, and is tailored for previously tattooed clients looking to refresh and brighten up previous work. Most clients prefer to have this done every 12-18 months.

• All prices are in CAD$ •

  .  .  .  T O U C H  –  U P S  .  .  . 

•  It is highly recommended to book your touch-up appointment in a timely manner to perfect and refine your tattoo and fill any gaps. Touch-ups can be scheduled anytime after 6 weeks and up to 12 weeks after your initial session.

To book your touch-up, please email info@rouge.ink

After 12 weeks, the touch-up price is $120.
After 6 months, the touch-up price is $150.
After 9 months, the touch-up price is $200.
After 1 year, the touch-up price is considered a Refresher Appointment ($240).
After 18 months, a touch-up is $300.
After 2 years, a treatment is full price.

In rare cases, additional touch-ups may be necessary to achieve ideal results for certain skin types. We will perform these additional touch-ups at a minimum charge of $75*+.

  .  .  .  A D D – O N  S E R V I C E S  .  .  .  
 FRECKLES  •  $150 as an add-on, $200 à la carte. This costs reflects an included touch-up.
BEAUTY MARK    $50 (as an add-on ONLY)

If you’d like to book either of these “Add-On” services on their own, please contact us directly.
We will create a custom appointment for you.