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Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Getting Eyebrow Microblading

Article: Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Getting Eyebrow Microblading

By Kari Heese of Lux Boudoir

I recently took the plunge and had my eyebrows tattooed. I have been grooming my brows for as long as I can remember, sometimes by a pro and sometimes just by me. As we all know, brow style comes and goes and my brow style was in need of some work, so I decided to let a professional take care of them and give my brows a much needed makeover. 

I have been following Rouge Ink for a few years now and was very impressed by her professionalism, style, and knowledge. She is constantly up-leveling her craft and I really felt that she was the artist for me. There are a lot of cosmetic tattoo artists out there and I did my homework… Rojin is a pro on all levels.

Here are my top 6 things you need to know about getting Eyebrow Microblading.

1. Does Microblading hurt? To my surprise, NO!

The number one thing I was worried about was it being painful. Rojin made it as comfortable as possible and applied numbing cream so that I didn’t feel any pain from the microblading. Slight pressure here and there, but no pain!

Make sure not to cheap out on your service, as you will likely be cheaping out on the quality of anesthesia used in your procedure as well!

2. Don’t stress, the eyebrow tattoo will fade after 2 weeks

When I saw my new brows for the first time I was a little nervous, they were so dark and a bit pink-hued. Rojin assured me they would fade and the color would match after the first 2 weeks. She was 100% right, even after week one they were less dark and the color was spot on. She knows her color theory coming from a fine arts background.

3. TRUST your Microblading artist

I did a lot of research on my artist’s style before getting eyebrow microblading. Rojin is a pro, she has a lot of experience and knowledge as well as is always enhancing her training. She has a very clean, timeless style, which I like. She also is a realism painter with a fine arts background and I trusted her vision. I looked at her Instagram and picked out the eyebrow styles I liked best. Once I sat in her studio we talked about style, looked through images and she also penciled in the design before any ink was laid, so I could approve the design.

4. Be diligent with your aftercare and protect your permanent makeup investment

This is super important, following proper aftercare is so crucial to great healed eyebrow tattoo results. I followed the instructions, tried to keep from itching (they itched a lot in the second week!), and wore my hair in a ponytail for the first few days so I didn’t worry about showering and getting them wet. It is a bit of a pain in the butt for the first few days… but what is beauty without a little pain!

5. Eyebrow Microblading changes your entire face! Be ready for compliments!

For me, getting my brows microbladed (I got the “Blade + Shade" service Rojin offers) was to get a good shape and even out some areas that never grew back from tweezing all those years. But I also didn’t realize how uneven my eyebrows were. Having proper shape and symmetry changes how you look; if done properly, it is always a huge enhancement for the better. I found it made me look more awake and framed my face, bringing out my other features. It felt like a drastic change the first day but after a few days, I was loving the shape and how they looked so natural. I get so many compliments!

6. Microblading will save you lots of time getting ready

If you are a brow person and spend time perfecting your eyebrows shape and filling in the color, this is a game-changer! Now all I have to do is wash my face, moisturize and put on some mascara on those “non-makeup” days and go. It is seriously a huge time saver.

To receive an exclusive discount with Kari of Lux Boudoir Photography, insert the code “ROUGEINK” upon checkout on their site!

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