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Using a very fine needle and soft touch, we can create smudge-proof & effortless eyeliner for everyday wear. Eyeliner can be crisp and smooth, mimicking a liquid liner, or we can create a more subtle, smokey look by blending softer strokes along the lash roots. This technique creates the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

Winged Eyeliner vs. a Lash Enhancement (no wing) is up to your personal preference as well as where your eyelid crease naturally folds.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner


Cosmetic tattoos typically require 2 sessions to create a base. In our initial appointment, we will be focused on the design, structure, and balance of your tattoo. At our second session, we will assess how the skin has healed, creating any necessary refinements to the shape and/or density.

1st Session Lash Enhancement $500
1st Session Winged Eyeliner $550

Below is the pricing for maintenance sessions. Only one session for maintenance is needed at a time after your first 2 foundational layers are set.

6-12 Week 2nd Session $200
3-6 Month Touch-Up $225
6-9 Month Touch-Up $275
Annual Refresher $300
13-15 Month Touch-Up $350
15-18 Month Touch-Up $375
2 + Years Full Price

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