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Discover expert techniques, industry secrets, and the transformative effects of flawlessly applied permanent cosmetics on confidence and daily life.

Alopecia Before and After PMU

Alopecia Restorative Brows

Explore the profound impact of Permanent Makeup (PMU) on self-esteem through a case study of a client with Alopecia. Learn about the transformative power of paramedical and restorative tattooing, t...

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Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Getting Eyebrow Microblading

Discover the transformative experience of eyebrow microblading with Rouge Ink. Learn key insights about the process, pain level, aftercare, and the stunning impact it can have on your facial appear...

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Digital Art

Traditional vs. Digital Art? A Conundrum...

Explore a journey from traditional to digital art with Procreate, highlighting ease of use, creative freedom, and engaging features like time-lapse videos. An inspiring read for artists curious abo...

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