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rouge ink artistry

Premier Beauty Studio & Academy

Rojin Surreah

a.k.a Ro

Founded by Rojin in 2016, Rouge Ink is a private boutique studio and training academy focused on creating hyper-realistic cosmetic micropigmentation work.

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"Looking for the best permanent make-up artist in the greater Vancouver area? She's here!

Rojin at Rouge Ink is highly skilled and her attention to detail and care is evident in every aspect of the warm experience at her studio - and the results of her work are amazing.I was very happy with the results from my eyeliner tattoo and have since also had a combo brow and lip blush service.

With each Rojin made every effort to ensure the process was as comfortable as possible and she was helpful and non-judgmental when I had additional aftercare questions following my appointments."

Theresa P.

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"It’s a week after my touch-up and I am ecstatic! I’m a fairly neutral, minimal to no makeup person and on the initial session was nervous if it would look out of place. Not at all. Rojin not only does an INCREDIBLE technical job, but considers the person, their lifestyle, going beyond the aesthetic to create a cohesive, finished piece. I was impressed and so happy with her absolute precision and care. Specifics: she opted for Nano and shading over Microblading based on my skin texture and the lasting results of Nano… and I’m so glad she did, it’s perfect. I can’t recommend her services enough!"

Emily A.

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"Absolutely stellar! Rojin is a master of her craft and did an amazing job tattooing my eyebrows and eyeliner. It looks so natural and I love how it enhances my facial features effortlessly. Rojin’s attention to detail is impeccable and she ensured I was very comfortable (and relaxed) throughout the session. Overall a 10/10 experience with Rojin - the services are worth every penny!

Beverly C.

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Professional Training

Rouge Ink Academy provides a transformative opportunity for those aspiring to excel in the beauty industry, offering both online and in-person courses. Led by renowned expert Rojin Surreah, the academy also offers personalized one-on-one sessions, equipping students to transform their passion into a successful career.

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