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Nano Brows

Nano brows use ultra-fine needles to create detailed, hair-like strokes, producing natural-looking, fuller brows with enhanced shape and definition. This technique is precise and less invasive, offering longer-lasting results than traditional microblading. Ideal for all skin types.

Nano Brows


Cosmetic tattoos typically require 2 sessions to create a base. In our initial appointment, we will be focused on the design, structure, and balance of your tattoo. At our second session, we will assess how the skin has healed, creating any necessary refinements to the shape and/or density.

Initial Session $600
Second Session $275

Below is the pricing for maintenance sessions. Only one session for maintenance is needed at a time after your first 2 foundational layers are set.

Tertiary Session $175
3-6 Month Touch-Up $275
9-12 Months $300
Annual Refresher $350
13-15 Months $375
15-18 Months $425
18-24 Months $475
2 + Years Full Price

Nano Brows FAQ

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