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Master the fundamentals or advance your Permanent Make-Up skills in this meticulously curated 3 day hands-on-training.

Wanting to forge a career in cosmetic tattooing but feeling unsure where to start? Or perhaps you want to advance your current skill set?

Our three-day, one-on-one training program, under the expert tutelage of Rojin Surreah, is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience.

We'll help you master the skills and techniques, provide the in-depth knowledge you require, and equip you with the tools you'll need for your first 50 clients.

We understand the hesitation that may come from investing in your future; that's why our course is tailored to your unique needs, offers ongoing support and offers a direct path to success.

Embrace this opportunity to turn your passion into a flourishing career and join a community that celebrates and nurtures your talent.

Personalized One-on-One Training

Benefit from Rojin Surreah's undivided attention, ensuring a learning experience that directly addresses your specific needs and goals.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Delve into two full days of color theory, machine mechanics, and technique theory, coupled with latex practice and live demonstrations.

Hands-On Experience on Live Models

Apply your skills on two live student models under expert supervision, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Tailored Specialization

Choose to specialize in a hybrid technique like Blade+Shade or Combo Brow, focusing on fundamental techniques crucial for mastering these procedures.

In-Depth Training Materials

Receive a detailed training manual and a recommended supply list, equipping you with essential knowledge and tools.

Certification of Achievement

Earn a Certificate of Achievement upon satisfactory completion, marking your readiness to excel in the beauty industry.


Ongoing Support and Discounts
Gain access to six months of ongoing support and discounted rates for online courses, ensuring your continuous growth.

Building Long-Term Relationships
Establish a lasting relationship with Rojin Surreah for future consultation and support.

Course Outline


Student Kit

Your luxury student kit is full of trade secrets and includes material for your first fifty clients.

  • Training Manual
  • 50 microblades
  • 10 microblade hand tools
  • 1 PMU Machine + 20 1RL/3RL Cartridge Needles
  • Fundamental Pigment Kit
  • Shaping/Drawing Kit (Caliper, Strings, and Luxury
    Mapping Pencils)
  • 10 Aftercare ointments
  • 10 Pigment cups
  • 50 Microfiber brushes
  • Latex Pads
  • Topical pre-numb cream
  • Open skin analgesic gel
  • Discounted lifetime access to online courses

1:1 Tuition


$6250 + GST, with instalment options available.


*It is required to take a Blood Borne Pathogens certification prior to applying for this course