In our initial appointment, we will be focused on the design, structure, and balance of your tattoo.
At our touch-up session, we will assess how the skin has healed, creating any necessary refinements to the shape and/or density.
Each client receives a customized service, tailored to their individual preferences.
Touch-up appointments are recommended for ideal results.

Please note that Corrective Work will be subject to an additional charge as it requires increased time, product, and skill.

In rare cases, additional sessions may be necessary after your 1st touch-up and will incur a minimal set-up fee.
We do not offer touch-up pricing on work done by another artist.

Prices are subject to vary without notice.

Also known as “Feathered Brows”, “3D Brows” or “Hairstroke brows”, this is the perfect option for those seeking a natural and realistic look.

Through the use of a manual hand tool and very fine line work, we’ll mimic hair strokes that best match your hair and complexion.

Initial Appointment$400
6-12 Week 2nd Session$190
3-6 Month Touch-Up$200
9 Month Touch-Up$225
Annual Refresher$250
13-15 Month Touch-Up$275
15-18 Month Touch-Up300
2 + YearsFull Price


Powder Brows

This is a fantastic option for anyone seeking bolder, more prominent and defined brows.

Essentially, this technique mimics a “powdered” makeup application, emphasising on a gradient toward the front of the brow.

Clients with pre-existing tattoos or extremely oily skin often opt for this technique, as it is more effective in blending/camoflauging, and tends to have better retention and longevity.

Initial Appointment$420
6-12 Week 2nd Session$200
3-6 Month Touch-Up$180
6-9 Month Touch-Up$220
Annual Refresher$275
13-15 Month Touch-Up$290
15-18 Month Touch-Up$320
2 + YearsFull Price


“Combo” Brows

For those that want the best of both worlds!

A combination of the Microblading and Powder Fill techniques. The brow shape has hair strokes in the front of the brows, and a gradual gradient of shading towards the tails.

Initial Appointment$420
6-12 Week 2nd Session$220
3-6 Month Touch-Up$200
6-9 Month Touch-Up$220
Annual Refresher$300
13-15 Month Touch-Up$320
15-18 Month Touch-Up$350
2 + YearsFull Price


This procedure creates a beautiful, sheer layer of color for fuller, brighter and more pronounced looking lips. Your pout will have a splash of color… just gloss and go!

Light-colored, blotchy-bordered or scarred lips can be greatly improved with this procedure.

We do NOT enlarge the lips outside of the vermillion border. If you would like to enlarge your lips, you may opt for fillers prior to having this procedure. Please note this should be done 4 weeks in advance.

A lip blush typically lasts between 3-5 years. Please contact us if you are interested!

Initial Appointment$450
8-12 Week 2nd Session$200
3-6 Month Touch-Up$200
6-9 Month Touch-Up$225
Annual Refresher$300
13-15 Month Touch-Up$320
15-18 Month Touch-Up$350
2+ Years$Full Price


Using a very fine needle and soft touch, we can create smudge-proof & effortless eyeliner for everyday wear.

Eyeliner can be crisp and smooth, mimicing a liquid liner, or we can create a more subtle and smokey look by blending softer strokes along the lash roots.

This technique creates the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes and typically lasts 2-4 years.

Initial Appointment$400
6-12 Week 2nd Session$175
3-6 Month Touch-Up$180
6-9 Month Touch-Up$240
Annual Refresher$280
13-15 Month Touch-Up$300
15-18 Month Touch-Up$320
2 + YearsFull Price


Freckles +

Always wanted freckles? Miss your freckles in the winter time? We love freckles too!

This procedure is semi-permanent and typically lasts between 1-2 years. Stay cute!

Beauty Marks are also available.

For either of these services, please contact us directly.

With Another Service$150
A La Carte$200
6-12 Week Touch-Up w/ Service$50
6-12 Week Touch-Up A La Carte$75
3-6 Month Touch-Up (Additional)$100
6-9 Month Touch-Up$120
Annual Refresher$140
13-18 Month Touch-Up$175
2 + YearsFull Price
Beauty Mark w/ Service$50
” A La Carte$90